Fresh mandarin orange fruit/Nanfeng baby mandarin orange

Mandarin orange is a juicy citrus fruit also known as mandarin or mandarine. The botanical name for this tropical and sub-tropical plant is Citrus reticulate. Mandarin Orange originate from China, where they have been historically regarded as a symbol of good fortune, having a significant sacral meaning in Chinese New Year celebrations.

Wether you call them mandarin oranges or tangerine Oranges? They are all different varieties that belong to the mandarin family. Mandarin orange are smaller than oranges and have a looser skin, which makes them easier to peel. Like all members of the citrus family, they provide a boost of vitamins and minerals, yet have few calories and not even 1 gram of fat. Mandarin oranges are distinguished by their bright orange skin that peels off easily, and fleshy inner segments full of sugary fruit juice. Compared with tangerine Orange, the mandarin orange have a lighter color, smoother and thinner skin while tangerine Orange is reddish-orange color and more thicker skinned. Mandarin oranges have a gentler, sweeter taste, while the tangerine Orange is a bit more tart. Both are less tart than a regular orange. Mandarin oranges, often sold already peeled in cans or jars, are frequently used in fruit salads, lettuce salads and cakes, while tangerine Oranges are often used in cooked duck and chicken dishes.

1.Inner packing:1pc/white or red plastic transparent bag.

2.Outer packing: 4.0/7.0/7.5/8.0/9.0/10.0/14/15kg/basket or Gift carton

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